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Flat Roofing
For New Builds

Get your Flat Roof Installed in Cardiff within 1 week.

For over 24 years, Jamie Burley Flat Roofing Specialists has been working in Cardiff and the surrounding area protecting & improving your property.

Flat Roofing for
New Build Properties

Maintaining the flat roof on your new building can lead to substantial time and money savings further down the road.


Flat roofs of any age are susceptible to damage in the form of holes, blisters, tears and loose seaming.


Regular surveys of your roof can lead to early detection of roof damage.

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Roof Replacement

If a maintenance review identifies the need for a replacement, our team of roofing experts can arrange a complete overhaul of your existing roof.

Our flat roof replacements are cost effective and will prolong the life of your property.

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Maintenance to
Stop leaks

Leaks can be particularly damaging over time, slowly compromising a new building’s structure and insulation.


By maintaining the health of your flat roof, you can avoid the worst of these consequences by tackling the natural effects of sunlight, freeze-thaw weathering and physical impact.

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Gutter Maintenance

Gutter clearing is a simple form of maintenance with far-reaching benefits.

During wet weather, an under-maintenanced gutter can lead to water overflow into an adjacent roof.


The cheapest solution to this is blocking, a service we offer as part of our maintenance and gutter installation.

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Avoiding Extensive

A small ongoing investment in maintenance can pay large dividends in the future.


A damaged outer layer, for example, can often be repaired with a simple overlay, typically single ply, which then acts as a new waterproof barrier.


Typically an overlay can save you far more extensive repair work and refurbishment.

In more severe cases, where the internal substrates are showing signs of compromise, removal and replacement can be arranged.

Call 029 2190 0011 now for more information from our experienced team of CSCS-qualified technicians about the process and benefits of maintaining your new flat roof.

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Why us?

We’re completely invested in delivering quality flat roofing services. We work with our clients on their most challenging projects, whether that be commercial or domestic work. We can undertake it.

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All our work is supported by a federation of master builders insurance backed guarantee.

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Fully Insured

We carry ₤10 million in Public & Employee Liability insurance.

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Health & Safety

All our operatives are health & safety CSCS trained and our team includes SMSTS & SSSTS trained managers and supervisors

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Years of Experience

Founded by Jamie Burley in September 2014, the team at Jamie Flat Roof Specialists group have a combined total of over 95 years of experience.

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View some of our
recent work

We have completed a wide variety of flat roofing work over the years in Cardiff and the surrounding areas . We specialise in single ply flat roofs.


Our team are trained to the highest standards and take great pride in their workmanship.


We believe that quality comes first so we use only trusted materials from leading suppliers ensuring a long-lasting flat roof in Cardiff.

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